Enjoy your best travelling adventure in Labuan Bajo Flores with Tourist Personal Accident Insurance provided by JRP Insurance. Taste the comfortable moment exploring every corner with protection on any accident happened everywhere for 24 hours during your trip

Price and Benefits

Tourist Personal Accident Insurance protects you with these following benefits

  1. Visitor must fill in form on the web and provide correct information.
  2. Visitor has pay off premium insurance through given VA number in transaction
  3. Age when registration is not greater than 65 years old
  4. Tourist Personal Accident Insurance Policy subject to Terms and Conditions in JP-ASPRI Plus Policy which is published by PT Jasaraharja Putera and has been licensed from Authority Service Finance (OJK).
  5. Visitor will receive insurance policy sent to registered email address.
  6. All benefits are valid subject to policy schedule.
  7. This policy does not cover accidents caused by activities against the law, intentional acts, and other activities that can endanger his life or other people
  8. Provides protection for 7 days while you are on vacation in Manggarai Regency, West Manggarai and in East Manggarai Regency
  1. Maximum 5 (five) Calendar Days after the insured accident occurs must notify the accident to JRP Insurance.
  2. The Insured must attach the claim documents as: following:
    1. Fill out the claim submission report form along with the accident chronology that happened.
    2. Original policy or photocopy.
    3. Photocopy of Identity Card (KTP).
    4. In the event the Insured dies:
      1. Certificate regarding the results of the post-mortem (Visum et al repertum).
      2. Photocopy of death certificate from the Lurah or the police local.
      3. Statements of witnesses.
    5. In the event the Insured is lost:
      1. certificate of accident and termination of search from authorized party.
      2. a statement from the heirs will return the compensation if The Insured was found alive.
    6. Original and legalized photocopy of Death Certificate from the Service Local Population and Civil Disability, in the case of filing a claim Reimbursement of Death Certificate Management Fee. Death Certificate The original will be returned to the heirs after the verification process claim settlement
    7. In the event that the Insured suffers permanent disability:
      1. Certificate of examination (Visum) from the doctor who performed the examination care or treatment.
      2. Statements of witnesses.
    8. original receipt or photocopy of receipt that has been legalized from a doctor, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, in the event the Insured undergoes care or treatment.
    9. Original receipt related to the cost of renting an ambulance/vehicle carrier for transportation of the Insured to or from the hospital, in the case of filing a claim for reimbursement of ambulance costs.
    10. In the case of submitting a claim for Compensation for the Cost of Evacuation of the Body:
      1. Original certificate of death from the local Lurah, or.
      2. Photocopy of Death Certificate that has been legalized from the ServicePopulation and Local Civil Disability
    11. In the event of submitting a claim for Hospitalization Cash Benefit Benefits:
      1. Original certificate of hospitalization from the treating hospital Insured, or
      2. Original hospitalization fee receipt or photocopy of hospitalization fee receipt which has been legalized from the hospital showing the number of days The Insured was treated at the hospital.
    12. Other relevant, reasonable and appropriate documents requested by the Insurer in connection with the settlement of claims.
  3. Claims will be paid a maximum of 30 (thirty) calendar days after the claim submission document is declared complete by JRP Insurance.

BPOLBF & PT Jasaraharja Putera

Now serve you better by providing Personal Accident insurance protection to Travelers which include protection against the risk of Accidents in various activities such as: trekking, surfing, climbing, snorkeling, diving and other tourist activities

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is one of the 21 Model National Parks in Indonesia and is a one of the five national parks that were first designated in Indonesia.

West Manggarai Regency

This island is often used as a destination for vacations, usually people will spend a few days. even for visitors ranging from local to foreign.

East Manggarai Regency

East Manggarai is a district in NTT that is often used as a destination holidays for tourists who come from outside the island

The Importance
of Insurance
in Labuan Bajo

Now there is Tourist Insurance that provides protection for 7 days while all of you are on vacation in Kab. Manggarai, West Manggarai and in East Manggarai. With a premium of IDR 20k, this insurance has covered various unexpected things during your trip.

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